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A Message From Our President

Dalton Building Group president, Steve Smith, talks about the company and what sets us apart.

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Build Efficient

BE: Build Efficient… Better Efficiency + Building Excellence!

Steve Smith Build EfficientIn practical terms, what does BE mean to the home buyer or investor?

  • The building process is well-planned with the end in mind
  • Plans are optimized…For example, BE helps us compute the EXACT number of materials it takes to build your home or project. The materials you pay for won’t end up in a dumpster beside the job.
  • BE allows us to calculate and anticipate the “TRUE” building costs of a project.
  • BE’s technology accounts for the myriad details inherent in building projects, no matter the scope, thereby allowing Avista Homes to build better homes with more efficiency.

Steve Smith is enthusiastic about the future he is helping build, envisioning projects with the end in mind. Yes, the passion and talent for building homes drives him to build efficiently and intelligently, with an integrity that demonstrates a job worth doing is worth doing well. Still, his greatest goal and satisfaction is to build a project whose client is, in the end, one very satisfied customer.